Hey, I'm James!

I'm a previous master's student from Halmstad University. I am a positive person who likes to encourage teammates and coworkers. Someone who dares to question things and believes we as a team can always do better.

Internship at Humblebee

February 2023 - Juni 2023

Interned as a service designer at Hive student lab belonging to Humblebee together with four other students all having different roles.

City of Lund

January 2022 - Mars 2022

Participated in a project at Lund regarding making a process to enlighten the employees the usability of their different services.


Mars 2021 - April 2021

This was a project on how to visually inform the value of Atle, a hospital device that makes it easier for hospital staff to move patients.

AHA - A Human Approach

January 2022 - Mars 2022

A research project of creating a booking system for a shareable vehicle. AHA II is a research project that focuses on the future development of mobility services.

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